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We at KDP Elevators cater all sorts of Elevators services like Passenger Elevators Manufacturers, Passenger Lifts, Hospital Lift, Capsule Lift, Personnel Lift, Commercial Passenger Lifts, Goods Lifts, Manufacturer of Hospital Elevators, Hospital Elevators Manufacturers, Suppliers of Dumbwaiters Lift, Supplier of Dumbwaiters Elevator, Capsule Lift Manufacturers. Therefore our clients need not go somewhere else for any elevator service related assistance.

Passenger Elevators - Features

Adjustable Door Opening & Closing Time, Alarm Button, Attendant, Direction Arrow and Position Indicator on all Stops, Phase Failure and Phase Reversal Protection, Repeated Door Closing in the event of Lock Failure, Door Protection by Light Curtain, Emergency Lighting, Automatic Rescue Device, Direction Pre-announcing with Arrival Going, Opposite Door Operation, Emergency Stop Switch, Fireman Switch at G Floor, Safety and Speed Governor

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Capsule Elevators - Features

Really attractive and can be called the ornaments of a building for they enhance its beauty and bring life into it, Speed - upto 2mps, Accommodate from 4 persons to 16 persons, Needs specialized knowledge and state of the art technology, Different options pertaining to their design are available, Different customized options for bottom, roofs and cabin exteriors, Traction machine based, Includes all latest available passenger safeties, Optional Glass doors give capsule lifts a world-class look.

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Freight Elevators - Features

Machine can be put on the side of a shaft and at any storey in a building, Reduce construction cost(upper-placed machine room means one more floor for a building, It also can be laid underground only covering an area of 2-3 square meters. This will make best use of space of building which brings higher economic benefits, In most cases, the machine is laid underneath, so maintenance staff can make timely maintenance for the elevator without stepping up to the storey of a building.

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Car Elevators - Features

Most popular type for car lifting requirements especially for architectural projects where car parking has been designed within the basement floors of the buildings wth car parkings re-designed to be above or below the street level. Available for lifting distances of up to 40 meters. Load carrying capacity of Lift platform is in accordance with the dimensions & weight of largest vehicle to be transported between floors. Doors - Automatic 4 panel Telescopic door / center opening doors or manual collapsible doors Flooring - MS chequred Plate flooring.

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Dumbwaiters Elevators - Features

Intelligent controller with text display, Stainless steel call/ send buttons(illuminated), Stainless Steel cab, Maintenance free motor/gear assembly, Interlock door safety devices (locks doors when dumbwaiter is at other levels), 50Kgs to 500 Kgs capacity, 0.25 mps rated speed, Vertical biparting / swing / Roll up doors on landings, Cab configurations including front/back and 90 degree.

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Hospital Elevators - Features

Hospital and Medical service Industry involves critical life saving activities which includes carrying patients to different floors for various reasons. For such critical application, we provide you with robustly designed elevator which can accommodate a standard hospital Bed (Stretcher).The Hospital Bed elevator is made to carry the stretcher along with few persons. It is also designed to carry bulky hospital equipment. It has a minimum carrying capacity of 15 Persons.

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